Best HubSpot Certification Courses + Top 11 FREE HubSpot Classes

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Looking for the best HubSpot certifications? Is a HubSpot certification worth it? Our team has reviewed and ranked the best HubSpot certification courses for you into this Top 11 FREE HubSpot classes list!

The Top 11 FREE HubSpot Classes

HubSpot is a leading software company for digital marketing services. It offers a wide range of products for small businesses, including inbound marketing and sales software. HubSpot Academy also offers certification courses to help users learn more about its products and improve their knowledge. These HubSpot certifications are designed for individuals who want to build their careers as inbound marketing strategists or digital marketers by learning about HubSpot tools and techniques. In this post, we’ll share the best HubSpot certification courses that can help you become a certified expert.

Best HubSpot Certification Courses

The Best HubSpot Certifications

Scroll down to enjoy our rankings, reviews, and HubSpot certification answers to your top questions… and remember, each HubSpot certification cost is $0, yes ZERO!

#1 – Inbound Sales Certification Course

⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ 5.0/5.0 –

The Inbound Sales Certification course teaches you how to use HubSpot CRM and Sales in order to increase sales efficiency, as well as set up automated workflows that can be used by your team members. This is one of the best HubSpot certifications as it will prepare you for multiple skilled careers.

This course will help you:

  • Learn the fundamentals of HubSpot CRM, including how to create and manage leads, contacts, and accounts
  • Set up dashboards for effective reporting on all aspects of your marketing campaigns
  • Use tools such as Goals & Funnels in order to track campaign results more effectively

#2 – Inbound Marketing Certification Course

⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ 5.0/5.0 –

This course will help you understand why inbound marketing is the most effective marketing strategy for your business. You’ll learn how to create an inbound marketing strategy that integrates with other departments in your organization and establishes a strong foundation for long-term success.

This course covers all of the basics, from defining inbound marketing to setting up your website, social media channels and blog, as well as developing content strategies that attract authentic visitors and convert them into customers. By the end of this course, you will have a practical understanding of how to implement an effective inbound marketing strategy that works for businesses like yours!

#3 – Social Media Marketing Certification Course

⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ 4.9/5.0 –

HubSpot Academy’s Social Media Marketing Certification course is a comprehensive program that will teach you how to create and distribute content, optimize your website, and measure your results.

The course covers the following topics:

  • How to use different channels and platforms to market your business
  • How to build community around your brand using social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and more
  • How best practices for content creation differ across different channels

#4 – Digital Marketing Certification Course

⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ 4.9/5.0 –

The Digital Marketing Certification course is a comprehensive, hands-on training program that will help you master HubSpot’s marketing automation tools and achieve HubSpot certification. You’ll learn how to use the platform to build an email list, create high-quality landing pages, generate leads and make more sales. The course covers all aspects of digital marketing strategy: SEO, social media marketing and paid advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. It also teaches you how to measure your results by tracking analytics such as website traffic or sales conversions in Google Analytics.

Want to learn Facebook Ads and master Facebook marketing? Check out the Best Facebook Ads Course.

#5 – Inbound Marketing Optimization Certification Course

⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ 4.8/5.0 –

Inbound Marketing Optimization Certification Course

This course is designed to teach you how to get the most out of your HubSpot account by leveraging its tools, automating workflows and using best practices. This certification will help you optimize any inbound marketing strategy by teaching you how to use HubSpot’s lead generation software more efficiently.

#6 – Digital Advertising 101 Certification Course

⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ 4.7/5.0 –

This course is designed for anyone who wants to get started with digital advertising.

The course covers topics such as:

  • The fundamental role of advertising in business today and how it can be used to build a brand
  • How to create an effective digital advertising strategy that supports your overall marketing goals, including building awareness, engaging customers, and driving sales.

#7 – Content Marketing Certification Course

⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ 4.7/5.0 –

If you’re interested in content marketing and want to learn how to use HubSpot’s tools, this course is for you. It’s a perfect introduction to the topic, covering everything from creating your first blog post to optimizing it for search engines. It also covers keyword research, building links and audience engagement—skills that will be useful for anyone who works in content marketing or wants to get started with it.

The course includes the following modules:

  • Introduction To Content Marketing
  • Creating Blog Posts
  • Creating Email Campaigns
  • Optimizing For Search Engines And Users (SEO)

#8 – SEO Certification Course

⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ 4.7/5.0 –

The SEO Certification Course is taught by a team of experts from HubSpot Academy.

This course will teach you the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that you need to know to succeed in your career as an SEO professional. You’ll learn how search engines work, what it means to be found on the internet, and how to make sure your site gets found by customers searching for products or services like yours.

Want to learn Search Engine Optimization? Check out the Best SEO Course.

#9 – Email Marketing Certification Course

⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ 4.7/5.0 –

Email marketing is an essential component of any successful marketing strategy. If you want to learn how email can boost your business, this course will teach you everything you need to know about creating and sending emails that convert. You’ll also learn how to set up an autoresponder series, design effective subject lines, test your content and optimize campaigns using A/B testing techniques.

The course includes these four modules:

  • Introduction & Overview
  • Email Marketing 101
  • Writing Emails That Convert (So Your Readers Will Read Them)
  • Advanced Email Marketing Techniques

#10 – HubSpot Sales Software Certification Course

⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ 4.7/5.0 –

HubSpot Sales Software Certification Course is a comprehensive, in-depth course that will prepare you to pass the HubSpot Sales Certified Associate (HSCA) exam. You’ll gain access to expert-led lessons that cover:

  • The basics of HubSpot’s products and features
  • How to use HubSpot’s marketing tools to drive revenue

The course also includes practice questions, quizzes and exams so you can feel confident taking the HSCA exam.

#11 – HubSpot CMS Certification Course

⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ 4.6/5.0 –

In the HubSpot CMS Certification Course, you’ll learn the basics of how to use and configure the CMS. From creating efficient workflows for your team and reporting on performance metrics, to building out custom landing pages, this course will help you get started with a solid foundation in HubSpot’s tools.

More Free HubSpot Academy Courses

Advance your career, show off your skills with a globally recognized certification, and learn how to grow your business with all the FREE courses includes at HubSpot Academy:

HubSpot is a great way to build a career, a small business, and/or a startup. Even if you don’t want to go all in with HubSpot, using it as part of your marketing strategy can be very beneficial.

HubSpot Careers

The top customer relationship management (CRM) platform for growing businesses is HubSpot. Their marketing, sales, and customer success software are used by tens of thousands of customers to expand their businesses globally. HubSpot’s goal is to support customers as they grow. That is how they plan to create a business that future generations will be proud of. At HubSpot, they are creating a culture where incredible people can perform at their very best. If you’re prepared to advance your career and aid in the improvement of millions of organizations, check out HubSpot careers.

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