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We have reviewed the Swayam online course directory and ranked the best free online courses for you! Swayam is the world’s leading MOOC (massive open online course) free online education platform, which offers courses across many subjects. In this article, we look at the top 12 Swayam online courses that are worth pursuing.

1. Animation Course

This course is taught by the Department of Computer Science at Banaras Hindu University. The instructors Dr. Abhishek Kumar and Dr. Achintya Singhal each have over 20 years of experience in the field of animation and filmmaking. You’ll learn how to use 3D software such as Maya or Blender to create your own characters and set up scenes using different types of lights, cameras, etc. This course will go into detail about the creation process for both 2D animators and 3D animators alike!

Free Animation Course on YouTube

2. Introduction to Cyber Security Course

The course will help you gain knowledge on the fundamentals of information security and data protection, cyber-crime, and ethics. You will learn about the different types of threats to systems and networks along with their detection and prevention techniques. The course also covers legal issues related to cybercrime, professional responsibilities as well as the legal framework for securing Information Technology (IT) infrastructure.

You would be able to understand the basics of Cyber Security, know the major threats that affect your system or network, and learn how to detect these threats through various techniques.

3. Academic Writing Course

The course helps students to develop basic skills in writing, including grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Students will also be taught how to improve the quality of their written work through the use of appropriate vocabulary, sentence structure, and topic selection.

Free Academic Writing Course on YouTube

4. Robotics Course

This course is focused on designing and building robotic systems. The main focus is to build a programmable robot. Students can choose from 5 programming languages for this course: Python, C++, Prolog, and Java are the languages that are taught in this course. The course is divided into four modules that cover different aspects of robotics such as sensors, motion control, and trajectory planning.

Free Robotics Course on YouTube

5. Industrial Pharmacy Course

The Industrial Pharmacy Course is designed to provide a basic understanding of the fundamental principles of industrial pharmacy. The aim of this course is to understand the role of pharmacists in the industry, their duties, responsibilities, and functions.

This course will also help you understand how drugs are used in an industry setting and what types of problems arise during their use. You will learn about various laws concerning drugs and diagnostics as well as how these laws affect your work as a pharmacist in an industrial setting.

6. Early Childhood Care and Education Course

This course is designed for those who want to be a caregiver and educators for children aged 0-6 years. The course provides an understanding of the various stages of development in early childhood. It also helps you understand how to care for and teach young children through play, language, and other activities.

7. Digital Marketing Course

Swayam’s Digital Marketing course is aimed at making students familiar with the concept of digital marketing and its applications. The course will help students gain knowledge on how to identify customer needs, ways to satisfy customers, as well as how to apply digital marketing tools for reaching out to customers. Students will also learn about various social media platforms and how they can be used for promoting products or services online.

8. Mathematical Economics Course

This course is designed to help you understand mathematical tools used in Economics. You will learn how these tools are used to evaluate various economic situations and policies. It also covers the different frameworks that explain the economic behavior, including strategic games (zero-sum games), cooperative games (positive sum games), noncooperative games (negative sum games), and asymmetric information.

9. Organic Chemistry Course

We all know that organic chemistry is a difficult subject and requires a lot of hard work to be able to understand it. But this Swayam online course has made it easier for you with their organic chemistry course.

In this course, all the topics are broken down in a very easy way so that you can understand each of them without much effort. You will also get various examples, videos, and many other resources that will help you in understanding every topic easily without any difficulty at all!

10. The Joy of Computing using Python Course

The Joy of Computing using Python course is a 12-week online course taught by Professor Sudarshan Iyengar at IIT Ropar. This course teaches students how to code in Python which is highly useful for Computer Science students as well as other professionals who are looking to enhance their programming skillset. Learn how to program in the Python language through interactive online tutorials and video lectures. This top-rated Swayam online course will help you apply your knowledge by solving practical problems with coding!

Free Python Course on YouTube

11. Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals Course

Functional foods and nutraceuticals promote a healthy life. This course introduces you to the concept of functional foods and nutraceuticals, their nutritional and health benefits, the regulatory issues involved in developing them, and processing techniques for obtaining such products from various sources like plants, animals, and microorganisms.

This is a must-take course for people who want to learn about functional foods and nutraceuticals from scratch. By taking this course you will learn how these products can help prevent diseases like diabetes mellitus type 2 or cardiovascular disease etc. if consumed regularly by people with these conditions.

12. Direct Tax Laws and Practice Course

This course is designed to teach students about taxation laws and practices. It will also help you learn how to read, interpret and analyze tax documents, forms, and schedules. The aim of this course is to give an insight into the various aspects of direct taxes so that you can make informed decisions while dealing with such matters as a student or professional in your future career path.

Free Tax Laws Course on YouTube

Swayam Online Course Reviews

We hope you’ve found this list of Swayam online courses useful. There are many more options to choose from, so we encourage you to research them if you’re interested in pursuing any of these topics or even other Swayam classes at: looks forward to seeing what the future holds for online learning platforms like Swayam and how they are changing education in India.

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